Thursday, 26 March 2009

A day of Paint

So after visiting 3 exhibitions yesterday (without stopping for lunch might i add) hardcore! So what i saw....le corbusier which was great, he is a french architect who started journals, wrote books, and designed amazingly modern furniture from 1920-2006! Then went onto the design museum, which was lovely, saw the Brit Insurance exhibitions which was a collection of awards given by the design museum to design in all areas, from fashion to Transport, sawa pair of Lanvin shoes with sticker that said Lilly (Donaldson) inside, Ahh the closest I have got to a high fashion catwalk! And finally Popped into the Hussein Chalayan Exhibition which was great, loved the layout and feel of the exhitions, his designs became unreal and fantastical almost!

So after all the inspiration i did a spot of painting today which might i add didnt go so well.. Hmmm started with the picture on the top and ended with the picture at the bottom... basically wiped out what i did, :) it needs more just dont know what that more is yet! let me know what you all think!!!!!

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