Thursday, 12 March 2009


Last night was the Hussein Chalayan debate, he had an Iranian architect, a young play write from Peckham the design museums curator and a very annoying journalist/author lady, the four of them had a debate about London and what it meant to them, Hussein stated that he thought designers were designers of the city they live in rather than where they came from, and that as a city London steals talent from everywhere, they spoke about the fact that young creative people come here with a talent which is then consumed by the city, and that very rarely do those people go back to where they originated from, which after thinking about it, is kind of true. They each spoke individually about London and what it meant to them and and what parts they liked the most, the conclusion that the city although not a very attractive one at first is constantly changing and that each class and area murges unlike many other european cities where the 'rich' and poor' are physically very segregated. This is for me one of the best parts of London, that places such as Shepards Bush which is very run down yet cullturally very rich, is right next to Holland Park a very wealthy, high class area. its the only place I have been to so far and felt free to raom and explore, and will always find something new. This may be however the fact that I was born and brought up here and have the confidence and familiraity to do that.
I was greatly suprised at the talk the Hussein Chalayan was very down to earth and referred to his origins quite alot, northern cyprus, this is also where my parent come from and is a culture and a language I am around and use all the time, it was great to have something to relate to with such a great designer.

All in all the eveing was very good I cannot wait to see the exhibition up at the Design Museum and also his presentation there.

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