Friday, 16 October 2009

Whilst browsing through facebook...(yes I had nothing better to do!) I discovered that a fellow fashion colleague of mine at the London College of Fashion, not only has a talent for our course.. Fashion PR and Marketing (*cough* we hate it *cough*) but that she has the most beautiful and admirable talent for these amazing mixed media fashion illustrations!

Here I got to ask her a few questions of how she came up with her style and what inspires her...

Delphine.. you are currently..

Dunking fig roll biscuits into chai tea, and clinging to my hot water bottle. (freezing London) whilst wearing a stripy top, one of dad’s cashmere jumpers, jeans, tortoise shell glasses.

What are your stats.. (its all very technical here at Make Lemonade)

Age.. 21...Background...French by nationality, born in Singapore. Lived in Singapore (total of 7years) Hong Kong (9years) Geneva (4years). Currently in London (1year)

(A Lady of the world I see!) ...What most inspires what you create?

I wouldn’t say I am inspired by anything in particular. When I feel like doodling it comes naturally. It can be influenced by everything from music, artists I admire (Klimt especially at the moment) to pieces of cool looking textiles from clothes in magazines or the way someone carries themselves, a snippet of style from someone walking by. Oh and the whole “well, if I can’t afford this fully studded jumpsuit or macramé gold blazer, I may as well cut it up and paste it there”

Your illustrations work on a mixed media concept how did you come up with this idea?

It pretty much just happened. I hadn’t done anything near arty in 2years and I had this leftover canvas…I found the dome of a mosque pictured in a magazine to look quite intriguingly like an upside down balloon skirt so I cut it out, flipped it and drew arms, legs and a face to it, then whilst on the phone added some killer heels. From there it was just pretty much an evolution. You get yourself another canvas and start anew. Each time trying to create coherent fantasy outfits with the bits and pieces you find.

How do you look to develop this further?

Mmmh making a real version of the collaged dresses? Cutting up little pieces of Galliano gowns, stitching it to a little patch of tweed freshly un-sewed from a Chanel skirt? Maybe sprinkling the creation with some torn out Balmain studs? How about a corsage made up of deconstructed Louboutin red soles. Recycling made Fashionable? (Do I hear screams?) No but really I don’t know, its more of a pastime then a project.

What do you like about "Make Lemonade"?

I'd have to say the fact that its pure squeezed fashion thoughts with a sprinkle of Em sugar!! Very refreshing.

....Why thank you I'm glad to hear it!....back to important the interesting stuff...Is illustration a profession you wish to peruse as a fashion career or do you have other goals?

I like to keep my options open really. But if there’s a demand, I’d be flattered and pleased to supply... :-)

I think we would all agree that Delphine’s illustrations are as lovely as she.. so keep on keep drawing!

Make Lemonade x

If you wish to say a hello or ask questions to Delphine you can email her

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