Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I don't usually blog about menswear (which is silly really as its what I initially wanted to go into when I joined the fashion world) but anywho.. (I guess the allure of womens fashion being more relevent to my life and wardrobe over-took that goal!) I saw these shoes on style salvage...."the Casely-Hayford "Ottoman" combines the delicacy of Turkish embroidery with the sturdiness of a Goodyear Welt to create an elegant summer shoe which retains a rigid masculine form. This style is based on the classic English brogue, but with the ornate scroll work of Ottoman embroidery and the unstained Sole unit, the English classic is given a new context and meaning."
which is loevly to hear as the Turkish culture doesn't usually make its way into fashion that often, so when it does.. the sad little me gets quite excited!

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