Friday, 9 October 2009


Last night after a successful meet with the lovely ladies at Sketchbook magazine..(Starting the internship on Tues!) I headed to Upper St to meet the lovely Jo, for a catch up and drink.. we were on the way to the Albert & Pearl, (I want to check it out for my birthday!) but ended up detouring to this lovely little (not actually that little, it just felt cosy..) place called the Fig & Olive.. its a restaurant that has a great menu.. Try the stuffed chicken if you venture down its sooo tasty! but also has lovely vintage arm chairs at the front where you can have cakes, drinks and tea! lets just say that for me and Jo, it was love at first sight! we can't wait to go back.. sorry for the grainy images of our dessert! I didn't have my camera with me! (tut tut)

ahh I also now have a twitter..yes yes I know very late! but its here now nevertheless: Em_makelemonade

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  1. yay well done for getting the internship hun. give me a text could do with a catch up.


    love xx



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