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October 18, 2006-Daily Candy

Orhan London Tailoring

Nothing to wear?

You’d love a little something from Bond Street. If only the price tag weren’t so laughable.

Orhan Kaplanbasoglu could be the answer. Give this reputable Turkish tailor a favourite garment (with or without your own fabric) or show him a magazine picture of something you’re in love with (but can’t afford). He’ll copy it and make it fit like a glove. He also has his own range of classic suits and dresses that can be made up in any material.

Kaplanbasoglu creates a calico template during an initial fitting; a week later, your custom outfit is ready. Of course, going down the bespoke route isn’t cheap. At around £200 for a cocktail dress, it’s an investment, but you won’t find anyone else sporting the same piece.

And when it’s mistaken for the designer must-have of the season, you can simply smile.

Who’s in stitches now?

Orhan London Tailoring, Unit 2/3, 1-7 Orsman Road, N1 5QJ (07817 439619 or orhanlondon.tailoring@ntlworld.com).

Its so nice to hear of fellow turkish people in the fashion world.. and this service sounds amazing, and just in time for my 21st! :-)

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