Monday, 9 November 2009

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Sorry this post is late but since the 3rd year started and since working at the magazine I am SWAMPPED! but in a good way of course! On Friday after the HUUUGE let down at showstudio, can you believe I got there after a long cold day working to find that the 'Fairytale' shoot Nick Knight was doing was already being wrapped up! Literally! grrrrrrrrr. Anyway Saturday brought forth a new day and new the form of an old tram station in Holborn and a very very very very long colourful cord!This unique and underground project is by Conrad Shawcross, having completed a similar project previously completed a similar project, when approached with the available venue of a derelict underground tram station Conrad saw it as a prefect opportunity for his exploration of metaphors and perceptions of time. 'The Rope Machine' is a constantly moving machine that over month spun 81 colours of Anorak cord on 162 separate spools. At the end of the month (which is when I saw it) the machine had spun 300metres of rope. The rope is now a physical record of the installation over the month itself.
Conrad looks at the connection between time, life and different layers in reality, through the Rope Machine and I must say it was quite a breath taking experience. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures of the artwork but I was able to take some of the tram station entrance and some props left over from films dating back to the 80's(tube map, station name), the below images are from the exhibitions site.

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