Tuesday, 6 October 2009


This is possibly the cutest blog I have ever seen! It by a girl called Jill, who (in her own words..)"I see something, I draw it, I send it to someone I like." I recommend having a nosy through as each post puts a smile on your face! its just to nice to not like! check it out here

I found it on the blogger dashboard..something I rarely pay attention to! I tend to just write or edit blog posts... but today I decided to see what the dashboard had to offer and in a tiny little corner I noticed a small heading which said 'Blogs To Note'.... so I did, I flicked through and found 'Today I Saw', which I am very happy about.. I find that sometimes we rush through so much we miss all the little things.. I guess its quite fitting that the blog I found concentrates on just that element of life!

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